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What is Plano Cryotherapy?

Plano Cryotherapy is a complete rapid rest and recovery center. They offer Normatec advanced sequential pulse technology compression sessions, a dual-chamber game ready active compression wrap sessions, and performance recovery massage therapy, and may more services.



  • Beauty-helps to tighten skin
  • Health-stimulates the immune system and your endorphins (your natural pain killers).
  • Pain relief-reduces inflammation
  • Weight loss-helps you burn more calories
  • Both Norma tec and Gameready will be performed on a recliner chair.  They can just relax, rest, work on their computer.  Netflix, amazon, or local TV channels available.
  • Norma Tec Compression sessions – Helps to squeeze pain and discomfort from muscles. It utilizes an external dynamic compression boot that wraps around your specific limb or specific body part. Typical results are less to no pain, better circulation, and decreased recovery time.  Sessions are 20 to 30 minute duration
  • Gameready – Is a dual chamber cold induced compression wrap that allows the exchange of ice water and airflow that boost your circulatory system with nutrient dense blood flow and speeds up your recovery time. Sessions are 20 to 30 minutes in duration.


Matsuno Wellness offers Performance recovery Therapy

This is an advanced sports massage therapy that is customized to focus on your source of pain or discomfort.  PRT is designed to enhance your performance, help you regain flexibility, release tension causing pain.

For more chronic problems, we recommend the Rolf Method of Structural integration.  Structural integration focus on your connective tissue called fascisa and your posture.  SI work free’s and re-align fascial strain patterns, that are the source of the pain. This can help with undue pressure on your spine joints, and the entire body.



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