Do you struggle being fit?


⇒ Are your workouts consistent?

⇒ Do you have a hard time sleeping?

⇒ Are you lacking energy?

⇒ Is your diet consistent?

⇒ Do big-box gyms overwhelm you?
⇒ Do you lack confidence in your body?

Our Club

Willow Bend Fitness Club is easy to “get in and out” with the exact equipment you need for your best workout.

Personal Training

Whether you want to focus on weight training, weight loss, or some other workout plan, our trainers can help you accomplish your goals.

Specialty Services

Our facility offers a multitude of exclusive services to its members so you can feel, move and perform better. Check out MAT, Massage or Rolfing.

Having trouble staying consistent with workouts?  Come to Willow Bend Fitness Club to stay in shape and feel energized to take on your world.
Schedule a walkthrough at the gym. If you are not ready to sign up, come and meet us and see what we have to offer.
Sign up for a membership.  You can do this at the gym or at home on your computer. Just click the “Sign Up Now” button.
Be fit and energized for life! Workout on your own or with one of our fitness professionals.


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Client Testimonials

"Love this place because it's not a "big box" gym. Everyone is super nice. The equipment and locker rooms are kept nice and clean!"
Shelana Pointdexter (Google)

"Great gym, especially if you're looking for one-on-one personal training at the highest level."

-David Schiller (Facebook)

"Small enough that you will recognize everyone. Large enough that you never ever have to wait for a machine."

-Jessica J  (Yelp)

Why Choose Willow Bend Fitness Club?

At Willow Bend Fitness Club you want to feel like you have your 20-year-old body and be confident in the mirror.  In order to be that way, you need to have a club that is comfortable with equipment that is custom to your body.

We understand what it feels like to look in the mirror and be frustrated that you don’t have the body you want.  We have over 10,000+ sessions under our belt with people who feel exactly this way.

Come in for a meet and greet.  Let us show you what our gym offers and we will sign you up for a membership when you are ready to join Willow Bend Fitness Club here in Plano, TX. Then you can workout consistently on your own or with a fitness professional. 

Sign up here for membership.

You will be more confident, in better shape and will feel younger.

Willow Bend Fitness Club
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