Here is the top 10 things people should value with a gym membership in Plano, TX.


Here is a list of values and further explanation of those values you may be looking for in a gym.

1) Easy Guest Pass, Sign up and Cancellation Policy
2) Location
3) Reasonable prices
4) Excellent Customer Service and Management
5) Great track record
6) Great equipment (stress on joints)
7) Services that provide value to your body
8) Low traffic
9) Place to clean up: locker room with showers
10) Free bottled water & Complimentary Water

1) Easy Guest Pass, Sign up & Cancellation Policy:

Letter to cancel membership for gym in Plano

First of all, most people looking for a Plano gym membership in the 21st century are looking for an easy sign up and simple cancellation if needed. There have been stories in the past of members of other gyms literally having to write a handwritten letter to get out of their membership. This was during email and online services. It is a way to make you think that it’s a hassle and you might as well wait till next month to do it. When that time comes you don’t. Stuff gets in the way or life happens and you pay that fee again.

Psychologically, you have to build up stamina over the next few months and see that cost to tell yourself that it is worth the cost to actually write a cancellation note, stamp an envelope, and send the thing. 6 weeks later your membership is cancelled. Who wants this in a gym membership?

We thought about it and if I were a person looking for a membership for a gym in Plano then I would want a trial period and test things out. Therefore, we did exactly that.

Sign up for a guest pass, transition to a membership and it continues month to month until you contact us by email, phone or text and we will cancel that month guaranteed.

Sign up here:

2) Location:

Image of Map for Gym memberships in Plano

Location for your gym matters! Find a place that will work for you. Thankfully, people looking for gym memberships in Plano have a few to choose from. The thing about Plano is just how big the city is. It ranges from Dallas North Tollway to East of 75. With this, I wouldn’t recommend driving more than 15-30 minutes from your house. This is all because of habit formation.

What is easy will be repeated. What is not easy will last for a very short time. Think about the last time you tried a diet or something difficult that is out of your comfort zone. You can do it for about 2-3 months and then things fall apart and your diet stops. Will power only lasts for so long. Environment beats will power in the long run. Therefore, when you’re looking for a gym membership in Plano stick to what is easy. Where will you drive to and continue to go for years to come? Prepare as much as you need to so that in the long run the action will be easy.

3) Reasonable Prices for gym:

Look, there should not be an outlandish price for a gym membership in Plano. However, you do need to be just observant of the quality of the gym and if you are getting what you need. We all need to remember that a gym is a business and has a big overhead financially due to the space it takes up and the machines. Also, we must remember the maintenance of the space as well.

There is a balance here. If you go to certain gyms that are cheaper you get exactly what you pay for. Cheaper and less quality equipment, less maintenance, and even only being able to go at certain times. Not to mention, there can also be a high amount of traffic/members which creates a negative experience in the long run.

Ask yourself what you truly value in a gym and allow that to dictate some of your decisions.

At Willow Bend Fitness Club, our gym memberships in Plano are focused on allowing only a certain number of members on our roster. This allows our members to feel like it is a community and not overcrowded at any one point in time.

4) Excellent Customer Service and Management:

Owner of gym in Plano, TX


How many gyms can you go to and meet the gym owner directly? This has its advantages when it comes to a gym membership. If there is a complaint it can be resolved in a very timely manner. If you have a question about the equipment, your membership or even a desire for a new piece of equipment to be added to the gym then of course it has its advantages to knowing the owner and the manager. It’s not a question of if you will be able to meet them but whether you want to or not. It’s up to you and that is why we strive to be very open and approachable for your Plano gym membership.

5) Great track record in Plano:

Track record of Gyms in Plano

Photo by Avery Meeker on Unsplash

This one is fairly straightforward. Most businesses last for about 5 years or less and this is no different than gyms. Therefore, you have the choice between a big box gym that has been around for quite some time or you can find a community gym with the same track record. When you get a membership in Plano or anywhere else then you want to know that this is going to stick around through the thick and thin of our economy.

 This club has been around for over 10 years and survived many others through Covid.

6)Great gym equipment:

Arm Curl for use with a gym membership in Plano

Courtesy Prime Equipment

This is the most underrated one when it comes to looking for a Plano gym membership. I used to think all machines were created equal but as time goes on I realize that this is not the case. There is workout equipment that will actually cause harm to your body and slowly create more stress on your joints. The goal for each machine is 2 fold.

First example, if you work out your biceps you want the machine’s axis to line up with your elbow joint.

Secondly, the machine should be designed in a way that matches your muscle strength. As you lift the weight for a bicep curl the machine should be designed to make it lighter towards the end so that you can achieve full range of motion.

If these machines are not designed in this manner then, in the long term, it usually leads towards unwanted stress on the joint called shearing.

Plano gym memberships can give you the ability to find all sorts of gyms that have machines for squatting, deadlift, bench press etc. Our perspective is to give you the opportunity to work on every individual component of your body because you are only as strong as your weakest link. In order to accomplish this you have to have an individual machine for each body part and we have done just that.

In conclusion, fInd a gym membership in Plano that works for you but please don’t sacrifice your joints and long term health for location.

7) Services to help your body:

Plano membership gym services

With any gym membership in Plano you will be glad that you choose a location that offers specific services that support your body and health. Regardless of what age you are there comes a time that an injury occurs or a specific compensation pattern happens. At other times, you may just want a relaxing massage.

When it comes to personal trainers the goal is to find someone who is knowledgeable in biomechanics and the way the body moves and functions. Our personal trainers range from professionals who have been training from 2-25 years long. Some specialize in golf and tennis or chronic pain. Others focus on body building and posing for competitions. That is the beauty of gyms in Plano. We do have access to all sorts of options. What fits you will determine how you choose.

Our Plano gym membership at Willow Bend Fitness Club offers these services:
, Muscle Activation Techniques, Deep Tissue massage/Rolfing, Personal Training, Golf and Tennis specific training, Body Building and Posing.

Muscle Activation Techniques is a muscle imbalance technique that we have used on professional athletes or on those with extreme chronic pain and post surgeries.

You can read more about that here.

If you have any questions on any of these services or if you need tips on what to ask for another gym to find a quality personal trainer please reach out to

8) Low traffic: 

Plano Gym Membership Picture

Low traffic is a huge, so find a location where you can freely go to the machines and maybe wait for one person. You don’t want to feel like you are lined up for a ride at Disney World.  On the other side, you may find a gym that has a large number of machines but the layout is not great and you feel congested.  

What’s great about gym memberships, especially in Plano, is that we have southern hospitality. We want to respect your space unless you are open for conversation. If you want to be left alone or meet others then feel free to do what you want.

9) Place to clean up: locker room with showers:

Bathroom shot at Willow Bend Fitness Club, a West Plano Gym.
This goes without saying but locker rooms and showers are extremely helpful at a gym. Do they suit your needs or is there something more lavish you are after? Other thoughts include a nice place to shower and clean up for work or for heading home. You always want the option.

An extreme example is the great freeze in Texas of 2021. We had several families come up and use the showers because their pipes burst and were out of water for days. Join a gym that supports its members and community.

10) Free bottled water & towels:

Courtesy Element5 Digital

 Free water and towels you can use at the gym are always a bonus as well. You don’t have to bring your own water and you have towels for sweat/cleaning the machines.  Also, bigger towels are available for showers.  

Once you are ready and know what you want: 

1) Google “Plano gym membership” based on your location you want and a few amenities you may be want.

2) Call each of these locations and write down the values that match up with yours along with any other information you think is important.

3) Sit down and make a decision and try out a guest pass for one of the memberships to a gym in Plano and give it a whirl.
Rock on and commit!!

4) Commit to a lifetime of exercise and consistency so you can be strong, be confident and love your life.

All in all, focus on your values, figure out what you want and make a decision. Of course, we have our bias and would love for you to join our community . We offer all of these values mentioned above and attempt to go out of our way to serve you. We desire to offer the best value for a gym membership in Plano, Texas. Please get a guest pass today!