Contents of this article:

-The dilemma of eyelash extensions working out in the gym
-The short term and long term problems of eyelash extensions in daily life
-What to do in the short term (first 24 hours of having eyelash extensions)
-The long term care of eyelash extensions working out to your benefit (after the first 24 hours up to 6-7 weeks)
-Creating a plan and a ritual to keep your eyelash extensions optimal for day to day life and after your workout

Specifically, in the short term you want them looking great, beautiful and holding strong. Long term you want the same thing. Check out the article below to get the gist on where eyelash extensions came from, how you can work out with them, and how to take care of them.

 A Little History:

First, a little background.  Eyelash extensions became more popular starting in the early 1900s. Random fact (Rumor has it) but there was reported that Parisians used to have human hair sewn into their eyelids. Talk about beauty pains.

Exercise in our history has been around since 600 B.C. with the Greeks but only really became more popular in our modern culture in the ’70s and ’80s. So, how do we combine these two without losing out on either side?

Who doesn’t have this question? We all have to look good while we work out! Eyelash extensions can be a great add-on to enhance your eyes, cheekbones, and your overall look as a woman. When you go out, you want to feel confident. With this conclusion, who doesn’t want to smile and be excited to live life to the fullest with some epic eyelash extensions as well?

Further, eyelash extensions can help ladies who either don’t have eyelashes anymore or who want to have a more full voluminous look. Eyelash extensions working out in the gym could cause some dilemmas but they certainly don’t have to. What if you knew that you could go get some eyelash extensions, work out and be sure that you can make them last for the full duration of your eyelash extension’s life?

New Eyelash Extensions for Working out
Photo by Hayley Kim Design on Unsplash
Alright let’s get to the down to business:

First 24 Hours of Eyelash Extensions:

First of all, When you have eyelash extensions, working out can be a difficult task in the short term ( 24 hours) and the long term (up to around 6 weeks). In the short term the goal is not to touch your eyelash extensions or get them wet for 24 hours.

Do this/ not that/ segment!

If you just got eyelash extensions do:
Love them
Make a plan to take care of them for the next few weeks (see below)
Take some epic selfies

If you just got eyelash extensions don’t:
Workout with eyelash extensions and sweat
Take a shower and get your head wet
Go swimming

This is mainly due to the type of adhesive used in eyelash extensions. With this in mind, cyanoacrylate adhesive is the most common type of adhesive used for these full, curly addons for those amazing eyes of yours. If you went out and got eyelash extensions you don’t want to get them wet or it will break down the adhesive. If you can workout with your eyelash extensions and not sweat then you are good to go. Most people in the gym like to perform some type of cardio and end up sweating. However, you will have to stay away from this.

Eyelash Extensions Before Working Out

Of course, if you want to do a light workout and not push it to a sweat level (this is relative to each individual person) then you should be okay. However, most people want to shower after a workout regardless if they sweat or not. If this is the case for you, you must make sure not to get your eyelash extensions wet.

True Glue for Eyelash Extensions to workout
Eyelash glue- Courtesy of True Glue

Short Term Care:

In summary, the easiest way to take care of your eyelash extensions is to not workout or shower for 24 hours after getting them adhered to the eyelid. If you are just dying to workout every day then maybe eyelash extensions are not worth it to you. To each her own, at least in this situation.

Okay, Okay…so we have covered the short term situation when it comes to working out with eyelash extensions in the first 24 hours. What should you do in the long term? Ideally, you’ll want to keep those bad boys latched onto your eyes and keep them looking good, too. Overall, you have to develop a plan moving forward to take care of your eyelash extensions after each workout.

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A plan for eyelash extensions and working out sounds kind of dumb. But the real enemy in this situation is the sweat, oils, and bacteria that come from working out. If you go for a 30-45 minute workout at the gym or outside then you will most likely be on the scale from glisten to flooding sweat.

Starting Tips on Working Out With or Without Eyelash Extensions

Continuum to show sweat while working out with eyelash extensions

Similarly, like the short term plan, you have to prepare to battle against all this stuff to keep your eyelash extensions looking on point so you can workout like Wonder Woman.

So what is the plan?

After the first day and for the next 5-6 weeks (the life of your eyelash extensions)

Long Term Plan for Eyelash Extensions:


1) Create a “to-go” Eyelash Extension Cleaner Kit for the Gym

This is dependent if you plan to go somewhere after the workout or if you are going home to clean the eyelash extensions. First of all, it may be advantageous to create a “to-go” eyelash extension cleaner so you can have one with you at all times and have an “at-home” kit. Check out our ingredients for a kit below.

Foam Pump to clean Eyelash extensions at the gym
Courtesy of Amazon

A common recipe for a DIY cleaner for Eyelash Extensions:

Get a small foam pump bottle 1-2oz
1 Tablespoon of baby shampoo
1 Teaspoon of Baking Soda
Distilled water
Facial Eye brush
Mascara Eye Wand

Really, it is better to add a little distilled water first so the baking soda does not stick to the bottom of the foam pump bottle. Frist, add the baby shampoo and the baking soda. Don’t overthink the order. Then, add the rest of the distilled water up to the top of the foam bottle and shake it up! Have the facial eye brush so you can use that to apply the cleaner. Wash it off with water and pat dry with a microfiber towel or just a normal towel. Lastly, if you want you can use a Mascara eye wand to fluff your eyelash extensions after your workout you can do that too!

Finally, toss this kit in your purse or backpack (make sure the top is tight) and now you can have it for after your workouts etc.

As a result, you will be ready for every situation coming at you. The problem you can run into is that you just plain forget to clean them if you are at the gym. Another situation is when it’s hot outside and you are sweating for a period of time and not able to get to a shower quickly.

Alarm to Clean Eyelash extensions while working out

2) Set an alarm to remind you to clean your Eyelash Extensions 

Secondly, if you are at the gym and you know you need to remind yourself to clean your eyelash extensions after your workout then you can set an alarm.  Pick a time for 30-45 minutes (depending on your workout length) and title it “Remember to Clean Eyelash Extensions” or maybe just “Eyelash Extensions.” Whatever will help you remember to do this then do it! Make it part of your routine. After a while you will not need this reminder but initially it is very helpful especially if this is your first time wearing eyelash extensions.

Lower your risk of injury during workouts

3) Clean them: Rinse and Repeat

Third, make sure you clean your eyelash extensions after every workout, as soon as you can, so they can have a full, vibrant life. Remember, the enemy can be sweat and bacteria that turns your eyelash extensions into a mess.  This causes you to take them off prematurely. You invested in these and you want to make sure you take care of them. At the same time, working out is vitally important to your everyday health and life. Make it a balance of both.

Overall, nobody wants your eyelash extensions to fall out or that they suffer because of your workouts. You want to make sure that you create a ritual and a daily routine to clean your eyelash extension. Your eyelashes can add a lot of nice touch to your look. All in all, stay focused on keeping them in great condition so you can continue to workout and enjoy your fun look with your extensions.

Woman going to workout with eyelash extensions
Photo by Carl Raw on Unsplash

What if you screw your eyelash extensions up while working out?

an image with a drawing of overthinking

Courtesy Omar Itani

If something gets screwed up with your amazing eyelash extensions while you are working out.

You paid good money and put effort into what you have. However, sometimes that is life. Do not overthink it.

At this moment, you have a few options. First, how messed up are they? Can you clean them and fix them up with your diy skills? Second, do you need to go back to the place and get them readhered? Lastly, do you need to get rid of them?

Is it frustrating? Yes, for sure. But, you live and learn. Stay positive. Get your lash on and reset your mindset for the rest of the day. It’s the best option you have.

Let us know if you have any questions. We are here to help you be strong, stay confident, and love your life.

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