The Legend of the Keto Diet: Kill the Carbs, Lose the Fat, Gain the Glory and a Life Without Limits…..

 Is Keto (The Ketogenic Diet) the best diet ever?

 The underlying question for most people wanting to try Keto is, “Will it make me lose weight?”

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The quick on Keto:

[Keto Diet] is an interruption of the normal way we get the energy to our bodies aka. Plan B.  So fat from food is the new energy source instead of carbs.  Usually our bodies use the glucose from Carbs as an energy source to the rest of our body.  The Keto Diet limits Carbs and focuses on large amounts of fat. With the fat our liver produces Ketones and sends them out to the brain, cells, and muscles to use as a energy.  



Typically, the idea with Keto is you lose the weight you have always been frustrated about! Now you can fit into that swimsuit! This is the new epic diet…maybe.  Keto was originally created in the 1920’s for epilepsy patients.  It’s been around awhile.  

The Keto Diet consists of:

20% Protein
5% Carbs
And 75 %Fat

Every day. Every day that much fat. Bacon fo life! 5% Carbs will equal about 10-15 grams of carbs per day. To put it in perspective, 1 banana is 24 grams of carbs. Outside of the whole carb thing, you are extremely limited in what you eat. The biggest being almost no fruit whatsoever.

Normally when we eat carbs or an apple, for example, that will turn into glucose and be used in the body for energy so you can rock that workout.

Let’s say we do drop the carbs. Now, what do we do? We need Plan B to step up.  For some people, Keto is amazing. It’s all relative to you and whether you can stick with it.

Look at this video here about Keto:

Plan B Sign representing Keto as plan b

The Keto Detour

The body starts creating a “detour” for people who go into the process of Ketosis. This takes a few weeks and usually people lose several pounds really fast.


Carbs hold water. Carbohydrate. Hydration. Glucose binds with water in our body and when we stop the Carbs/glucose intake, after a few days we will lose the water weight pretty quick! Think Atkins except to the extreme. After this process, some people feel better and some feel a lot worse.

Some gain vibrancy and feel amazing. Some feel like crap. Others fall into some 25% placebo and they think it’s the best thing on earth. There are a lot of scenarios going on here.

To simplify on Keto:

Carbs -> Glucose= Energy for the body

No Carbs?

Fat-> Fatty Acids-> Ketone bodies= Energy for the body

Ketone bodies are made from this process. Ketogenesis is when liver glycogen levels (think carbs) are depleted.

Keto makes you a strong Unicorn

Will Keto help you lose weight?

The liver will assist in creating an energy source for the body regardless of what you are putting in there. The Keto Diet is just one more way of doing so.

What is really on your mind then?

The hype is that you will lose belly fat and become the attractive and healthy person you have always wanted to be. Frankly, you should be that person….

However, in order to lose weight you must understand how body weight really works. It’s simple.

Keto is not magic (even though the video says it is). It is energy creation for your body. It just does it in a way that is different than what we are used to. Calories/macronutrients are energy. Micronutrients are the feel goods.

Too much energy or Calories= weight gain.

Too Little energy or calories=weight loss.

The Keto Experience:

I have had several people try Keto and gain weight. I have had others lose weight. I have had many others lose it and then start eating normal again and gain the water weight back along with extra pounds on top. It all has to do with how many calories.  Not what type of diet you are on.  You can eat ice cream and lose weight as long as you eat less than your body requires.

People who gain weight when the get off Keto did not have the skills they needed when they entered back in their natural environment. It’s like taking a 5 year old swimmer who is confident in the pool and tossing them in the middle of the ocean. It doesn’t work out for the long term. You have to understand the process and skill of changing.  Long term change is changing your habits.  This is a skillset and there is a learning curve.

Check out below to see how to lose weight!

Habits are what changes lives, not Keto

Want to lose weight? All diets including Keto follow this:

You can lose weight on any diet. But every diet follows this pattern.
Eat less calories.
Eat whole foods.
Don’t eat processed foods.

These skill sets over time will lead to weight loss. Consistency is King. You can lose weight with any food.  But if you only eat junk food:

A) Junk food packs a lot of calories and does not fill you up
B) You will feel miserable

Therefore, we recommend the no processed foods approach.

What does Keto or any diet do for us?

It gives us a sense of control for a short period of time and tells us that some foods are bad and you should feel guilty if you eat them. I speak of this only in the mindset of losing weight. I fully understand that Keto may be used to treat certain medical conditions like epilepsy or other diseases.

When guilt comes: you need to cover up that guilt or sadness or emotion….everyone has this cue that occurs in their life…usually they turn back to food and the cycle occurs all over again. It takes a community to change. Change is hard, I get it. However, We have seen several people lose the weight they desire, change their lives, and ultimately feel confident and in control.

If you keep trying with a diet you may cycle and cycle…Call a spade a spade and learn what is driving your desires for more and more food, drop the diet, drop the weight, and get your life back.

Is Keto for you?

At the end of the day, if you want to try Keto and see if you feel great on this diet then go for it. Just understand that it is not Keto that will help you lose weight for the long term.  It is less calories.

Losing weight for the long term includes learning how to eat less, listening to your body, and staying psychologically and physically healthy.

So see yourself as a healthy person. Identify yourself as healthy even if you don’t feel like it right now. Now that you are a healthy person go act like a healthy person. One day very soon, your actions and identity will overlap and you will be dropping weight like a waterfall.

Lose the weight with good habigs

What will happen if you don’t change your identity or just diet?

You may lose weight short term on another diet. Once emotions hit…there is no game plan and you will gain the weight back.

You will have a roller coaster in physical and emotional health for life. It will be up and down until you decide to plan for the long term.

Let us know if we can help you get started.