Owner of gym in Plano, TX

Jake Harden

Taking on the World
One Person at a Time.

Jake Harden is the owner of Willow Bend Fitness Club and founder of Pursuit Golf Fitness he utilizes MAT RX and biomechanical exercises to enhance stability, strength, and range of motion for golfers.

He currently trains Chris Como and collaborates with several golf instructors including PGA Professional Instructor Stephen Aumock.

Jake’s ability to assess clients in search of potential muscle imbalances and weakness gives them the confidence they need to improve their strength and well-being. Pursuing your best health and wellness has always been and will continue to be Jake’s number one motivation.

“Ton of Confidence in Jake”

 -Paul L.

Willow Bend Fitness Club
2500 Dallas Pkwy St. 111
Plano, TX 75093