Muscle Activation Fitness Presents

Muscle Activation Techniques

A proven process to finding the root issues of your pain.

“MAT was the only thing that helped to restore range of motion, strength and eliminate pain so I could play again..”

-Elizabeth Schiller

Non-invasive & fully clothed

We are fully respectful of your body and going to find the root issue of what is causing your muscle imbalance that may be causing pain.

At your own pace

Your body moves differently compared to the next person.  We will create an environment that speeds it up or slows it down as much as you feel comfortable.

 Execution & Consistency

We will collaborate to provide the greatest product possible and give you exercises that will lead you to the greatest success possible.

Will you sit on the sidelines for another year?  Don’t miss out on your quality of life.  We will create an environment to achieve your greatest health possible. Come see us today.