Owner of gym in Plano, TX

Pedro Dominguez

“Get to the best version of yourself.”

My focus is on science based practices and biomechanics to ensure you’re getting the most efficient workouts. I have been a career trainer for 7 years and am certified in Muscle Activation Techniques. This combination has allowed me to work with people that need to get out of pain or perform to their maximum potential. My goal is to provide assistance to allow you to get to your best version of yourself.


I’ve travled from mountains to beaches as far south as Mexico and up to Canada. Seeing more of the world has made me appreciate the nutrition and the differences in cultures. I enjoy food but work to find sustainable ways to approach dieting while not missing out on of the constant pleasures of life.


“Pedro has been the best

trainer I’ve ever had!”

Willow Bend Fitness Club
2500 Dallas Pkwy St. 111
Plano, TX 75093