Trunk Rotation is incredibly important in regards to movement, function, and health of your muscular system.

Every step we take our obliques, abs, back muscles etc. are included in rotatin your body over your hips. You may have not have thought about this before but in walking, running, golfing, tennis playing and several other sports the core is utilized.

The trunk and core muscle act as a suspension system to take stress off the hips, knees, and feet. They also help as a foundation to your neck and head. If you have ever felt that one leg moves different than the other or your neck turns better in one direction then it may be a trunk rotation imbalance that is the issue.

Try this exercise out and if one side is more difficult than the other than do an extra set on that side. If the right trunk rotation is weaker then do 4 sets on that side and 2-3 sets on the left. The goal is to balance the strength and endurance of these muscles.

Don’t forget that the back muscles are also utilized in trunk rotation. The multifidus, iliocostalis and the longissimus are big muscle in the back that are used in trunk rotation. When you do this exercises you may be sore in the front and the back. Just don’t be surprised when that happens.

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